We are. . .

healing, grief, anguish, anger, gun violence. . . a group of seekers coming from varied traditions and belief systems seeking to deepen our journeys through contemplative spiritual practice.  Centered in the mid-Hudson Valley in the state of New York, we gather periodically in private homes for mindfulness practice, centering prayer, and stimulating conversation.  

Some of our friends are actively involved in church or faith traditions while others are happily unaffiliated.  A number come from wounded religious backgrounds or have unknowingly become victims of the culture wars over equality, justice, or gender issues.  Whatever the case, we like to honor one another in our most authentic and heretical thoughts, creating a space that is safe for exploration, discovery, and enlightenment.  

Join us online through discussions of our blog posts, by liking us on Facebook, or by signing up for our email communique called “Contemplations.”  If you live in our general area, join our Meet-up and receive invitations to our home-based gatherings.  

 Spirit of Peace Kingston